Our Farm

The farm has been in the Ward family since 1941, where it was sold as an ex council farm during WW2. It has since been past down through the family to Matt and Nicci who have transformed a few disused buildings on the farm into Nobby's farmshop and The Baa T-Room. 

We are still a fully functioning farm and as such we may at certain times need to be out in the tractors or out with the animals. 

On our farm we produce barley, wheat, hay, straw, pork, lamb and wool.
During the spring we get the fields ready for drilling in the wheat or barley and we usually harvest in mid autumn. We harvest hay over the summer to feed the animals over the winter months.

Our pigs are hand reared and we process them into delicious, fresh joints, sausages and bacon. Our lambs and sheep are shown in county shows and usually place rather well.

Our all natural sheep fleeces are given to local spinners who transform them into wool which we sell in the farmshop.